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When writing an essay, all that matters is that you speak to the target audience. It may not matter if you break one or two rules since this will add your creativity in the long run. Sometimes, strict adherence to the rules might be your own undoing. Then again, do no take the rule bending too far; it could be your undoing as well. Academic writing is another different area of writing that has its own set off rules altogether. It is a world´s apart from creative writing. There are referencing rule that have to be strictly adhered to as well as grammatical rules which is the same case with creative writing. In academic writing, it almost seems as if the professor who will be looking at the content in the dissertation or theses will be looking for the errors as opposed to the content. There is no style of writing that will allow you to bend the rules too much. In academia, this will be equal to suicide.

Writing an essay or dissertation for your certificate requires that you speak to your audience (your professor) and use words that are familiar to him or her. If possible, write the essay or dissertation that is in their area of expertise. I was writing my law school dissertation some times back where we had to research. My supervisor was a constitutional law expert and although constitutional law was not my cup of tea, I had to make it relevant to him, and for the whole year I had to make constitutional law my favorite subject.

If you want to get a good grade, you have to meet your professor at their point of understanding. For an essay writing to be the best, you have to conduct the relevant research and have a wide array of sources of materials which you can use as references. Custom essays have dampened the mood in academia. While some of these essays are written by some of the most educated people in the world, it might not do much for your academics if you use a custom essay. You can get the mark that you wanted in the long run, but have no idea about your essay. Custom essays require you to have a good read so that you are not clueless as to the paper that you supposedly wrote over the vacation.
Here are some tips for essay writing:

• Get all the relevant material by conducting a thorough research.
• Make and outlook and break the essay into topics of interest.
• The amount of materials you will gather will determine how large your essay will be.
• Pay special attention to the number of words you have been limited to; make sure they are not too many or too little.
• Keep to the topic of the essay; don´t go out of topic.
• Expert essay writers have a way of making the content of the essay relevant even if there were no relevant materials that came out of the research.
• Beware of plagiarism; this could give you a bad name.

How To About Make A Custom Essay Not Look Like A Custom Essay

In a student's crafty point of view, online sites specializing on custom essay production are balms for the weary and the sleep-deprived. With such a setup, the assigned essay gets lifted from the workload and relegated to the experts. The student can then breathe a little easier and focus on other unfinished responsibilities. However, relying on a custom essay site to handle the grunt work should not equate to zero essay duties from the student. When the custom essay has been produced by the service site, that should be the time when the student has to contribute on his fair share of reviewing the material.

Why the need for all this? It's because teachers are intelligent specimens. They are not only called to teach academics, most are also gifted with the strong instinct to detect various student tactics. That should be a too obvious fact by now, but some individuals still fail to play this crucial concept properly. As it goes, a number still becomes trapped in the error of complacently submitting a custom essay without the necessary editing, only to be caught red-handed later on because of a minor, unchecked detail.

To then escape from all these probable headaches, a student should incorporate three editing methods for their acquired custom essays. One smart move is to first review the ordered material for plagiarism. Just because the writing service vehemently advertises all-original custom essays does not mean it's entirely true. In this case, it is always better to be a Doubting Thomas all throughout the process, than be too trusting and get burned in the end. To date, there are already several websites offering free plagiarism-checks, such as and, to name a few.

Another step of ensuring an undetected custom essay is to look out for big words that are supposedly out of a student's element. This stems from the idea that a professor is most likely familiar with the writing style of his own students. Thus, if an essay suddenly spouted several profound words or sentence structures that a person does not normally incorporate, the professor may just get suspicious of the paper's authenticity. One recommended way out for this is to actually read the custom essay, then critically pinpoint the parts where the student feels overwhelmed with too much profoundness. These said parts or phrases should then be revised in the student's own interpretation. Simply put, if the student finds the phrasing too deep for his own intellect, there's a great possibility that the professor will also notice.

The third and last tip for a successful custom essay is to further personalize the material with the student's own brand of writing. This pertains to inserting words that the student usually includes from previous works. For instance, if said student is fond of the word indeed, then by all means, try to litter a couple of indeeds in the essay.

With all these considered, the key factor to remember is that custom essay sites and blind faith does not go well together. A student should be proactive all throughout the process in order to genuinely come up with a material that is remarkably written yet securely personalized.