10 Questions To Ask Custom Essay Writing Services

Writing an essay is the regular assignment in schools and colleges and it is even written at the level. In colleges and schools, the essay assignments are very frequent and the students get really tired of writing essays in abundance and they become interested in getting professional essay writing help.

Normally the students who are looking to buy essay from essay writing companies they may have following suspicions :

They fear that the essay writing service you choose may turn out to be a plagiarism service and you would be insulted in your school or college.
• The student has very limited amount of money and his or she is nervous of being scammed by scam essay services and lose the money.

In the similar way, there are many other doubts in the mind so of the students and they want to be sure of the credibility of the service. There are many ways to find out the exact ways to unmask the real face of essay writing services. Here are 10 questions to ask any essay writing company online which will help you make a 100% correct buying decision.

Question #1

Can you please give me the real definition of customized service? It is a service according to the modification of customer, right? But don’t you know that in most cases customers never pay money in full-settlement before they get their work done?

Question #2

I don’t need your money back guarantee. Can you please deliver my work before I pay you money?

Question #3

Can you please write an introduction and one body paragraph of my essay with reference for my satisfaction before I pay you money?

Question # 4

Are you sure you have a true postal address on your website? If so, can you make an appointment for me so that I can visit your office?

Question # 5

Can you please give me the scanned pictures of the degrees and certificates of your online essay writers?

Question # 6

Don’t you think that PhD being a highly qualified individual can’t meet my academic standard? Isn’t it like asking Shakespeare to compose 10th grade story writing?

Question # 7

I have come across many PhD professors and individuals and in fact none of them I found was in support of writing services. All of them think it to be completely unethical. How come a PhD being a literate and civilized do such a work?

Question # 8

I can’t trust you because of plagiarism factor. Can you please deliver at least 50% of my essay paper work for my satisfaction in this regard?

Question # 9

Isn’t your price too low to be afforded by highly qualified individuals living in expensive country of USA?

Question #10

Can you please give me the opportunity to contact with customers you have put whose testimonials on your website?

These are ultimate questions to be asked to custom essay writing services on the internet in order to check their credibility. If they can give you satisfactory answers to you, you can go have confidence in that service.